Who we are

The Committee for Sydney is the city’s urban policy think tank. We are advocates for the whole of Sydney, and its broader national impact, researching and developing solutions to the most important problems we face. Our goal is to help Greater Sydney be the best it can be, for all.



Our funding model

We are funded by a group of Sydney’s leading corporations, government agencies and cultural institutions (see our full member list here), with key research projects backed by philanthropy as an Approved Research Institute. 

Our theory of change

We work through convening, policy research and advocating to government. We build understanding and support for the ideas that will move Sydney forward.


  • Bring the right people together to explore the most important issues that will affect the future of Sydney
  • Develop solutions that will solve problems at scale
  • Lead a conversation that can change the way people think
  • Bring actionable ideas to the people in government who have the power to make the necessary changes
  • Work closely as a trusted advisor with government on problems of implementation.