David Vago

Willy Wonkas Woolloomooloo- The Edible City

Although this concept was originally an ambitious re-development precinct plan for the entire Woolloomooloo area, the important piece of infrastructure that binds all the built form together is what could be an edible and environmentally functional public domain. There are currently large areas of paving and concrete throughout the Woolloomooloo area. If a total re-think on the re-development potential for this area is too controversial, we propose to use the edible landscape theme to drive public domain improvements throughout the neighbourhood. This can be achieved by reducing the hardstand and increasing urban farming through vegetable gardens, green houses, fruiting climbers on urban structures, 100’s of fruit trees, street interventions such as giant pots with mature trees for shade and more habitat trees for endemic bird species.
Every square metre of the landscape will be productive for the birds, the bees, local wildlife and the local community. We would engage with the local community and partner with Tafe to teach those interested valuable gardening skills that may help with employment but most of all strengthen community pride in their neighbourhood. Readily available and free fresh fruit and vegetables will also promote a healthier city.

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