Watsons Bay Social Precinct
Zoe Gray

Creating a sense of community in Sydney siders to connect with one another, the land and its cultural heritage

The Watsons Bay Social Precinct is an architectural laneway which will incorporate the Aboriginal & cultural/historical heritage of Watsons Bay, as well as establishing a welcoming, family friendly space which both residents & visitors can enjoy. The design will be pitched as a laneway-style shopping mall/alley which will use contemporary elements to mesh with the established area. The goal will be to keep existing, family owned restaurants and stores, while also bringing in exciting new eateries & sitting areas which will capture the beauty of the bay, rather than overcrowding it. Furthermore, elements of the precinct will complement the rich Indigenous history of the land & educate the onlooker. By using both environmental and cultural aspects, the space will be thought-provoking and engaging, as well as being a convenience for the audience, who will be able to shop from small, local business while appreciating the aesthetic features. Watsons Bay, while being one the busiest tourist attractions of the Sydney, is limited in their architecture, variety of eating options & stores, so this will be highly beneficial for Sydney Siders.

As seen in the image below, the space will be a great public place as it creates a deep connection with the deeply entrenched community life of Watsons Bay, through aesthetic, cultural and environmental consideration. The laneway will be constructed in a way that enhances the area, as many features emulate the beauty of the water, grassy noll, cliffs & greenery. It will transform the area, making it more contemporary, inclusive.

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