Waterloo Precinct: Cultural Space
Thanh Duong

A place of culture and comfort brings life to the community

The key opportunities I found was the precinct was that it provided less pedestrian crossing/access and as well multiple intersections, which is concerning to locals as children to elderly travel the wide road, which concerns the community. The proposal development of Waterloo precinct aims to design a series of green networks across the precinct to provide easier and safer access for both pedestrians and cyclists, travelling to and from the Waterloo Metro station, Waterloo park, and residences.

I believe this idea creates a better life for Sydneysiders because it provides two green corridors, that connects from the residence block (George St) and metro station area (Cope St.) which to the centre of the propose Waterloo Park, thus allows direct and secure access to the park, along with providing shelter from tree canopies for the community.
This idea delivers Waterloo Park, an attraction all users such as children to elders and cyclists going directly around the three divided spaces and having a different overview of the spaces. The centre space is used for events and Ingenious cultural purposes, where they perform their arts, traditional ceremonies dance, and storytelling. This allows them to share their culture with other communities, thus brings the communities closer.

My idea is transformational as it provides green corridors, transforming into greener district, which brings the comfort of walking, sense of security by canopies, and by having the continuous spatial flow paths in the park, allows users to be socially and ecologically bonded together.

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