Water Serpent and Eggs
John Carroll

More than just a splash pool. A rendezvous point for all ages and cultures.

“Serpent and Eggs” is a functional artwork that will transform underutilised space into an active, play zone and facilitates social interaction between strangers, allowing people to experience social diversity.

The elements of the design will be constructed from steel and transparent polycarbonates. They consist of three pontoons, each holding 20 curving stainless steel tubes reaching skywards. Atop each tube is a constructed eggshaped lightfitting. Fine sprays of water will descend from the tops of the stainless steel tubes. The three pontoons sit inside a large circular pool drainage system. The side of the pool is in the form of a water serpent.

Each pontoon is 5.5m diameter x 150mm high. Curving tubes vary from .05m to 6m in height. The pool is 18m x 650mm. Inspiration for the design comes from Indigenous Australian culture, with the water serpent representing rejuvenation and new life. The curving tubes are a symbol for smoke and the circle is an aboriginal symbol for meeting place.

The installation offers entertainment and enjoyment for all ages in public facilities such as civic community centres, street squares or plazas. “Serpent and Eggs” is an artwork that will create an acknowledgement of place and culture and a community rendezvous and focal point which reinforces the message that public space belongs to everyone bringing social, health, cultural, environmental and economic benefits to the whole community.

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