Waste Not Want Not
Andre Loodewijk

A circular economy place making experiment

Our proposal is to create temporary and permanent urban interventions combining the pillars of place making with the pillars of a circular economy.

Installations will be developed during workshops by the community for the community and can incorporate public art, furniture and other forms to create a comfortable, safe, welcoming and activated space for Sydneysiders to enjoy.

We anticipate each project will have a component of waste provided by the community, eg. clothing destined for landfill, to increase sense of ownership

We will use new technologies and recycled materials to create urban forms, both temporary and more permanent in nature.

At end of each temporary installation products can be recycled and repurposed for a next installation. New ideas for the public realm get tested without any lasting impact on the environment, both locally and a holistic level.

We are currently collaborating with UNSW’s Sustainable Materials & Technology Centre on developing new materials for use in the public realm, as well as with the University of Canberra creating street furniture using Large Scale Additive Manufacturing through the use of recycled plastics.

Successful outcomes will be measured on waste diverted from landfill, increased use of the space and potentially increased sales in retail, reduced crime rates and increased property value.

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