Walk to Windsor – A Big Idea
Leigh Shearer-Heriot

A Proposal for an Eastern Creek Greenway


This is a proposal for a gazetted green link from the M7, north along Eastern Creek to South Creek, then along South Creek to Windsor, founded by Governor Macquarie in 1810. This should be as wide as practicable. This would extend the green corridor provided by West¬ern Sydney Parklands to create a remarkable regional corridor. Some of this corridor is flood plain so may not be suitable for other uses. Separate pathways for walkers and cyclists would enhance the experience. Pedestrian boardwalks would allow use for most of the year where marshlands may be traversed.


This would provide a stable recreational space for a region undergoing massive urban tran¬sition, now, and into the future. It would open up areas not currently available to the popula¬tion.


This corridor would enhance and protect a major creek environment. And with broader spac¬es where possible, would allow local playgrounds and future sporting facilities to be devel¬oped all abutting a region wide resource.


To be able to walk or cycle between Leppington and Windsor on a safe, off road, corridor would be a fantastic outcome. It would provide great environmental, physical and mental health benefits to a far flung population.

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