Together Inclusive. Together United.
Jackson Tait

To combat climate change and COVID-19 together, we must recognise our strengths and weaknesses

The proposed project aims to facilitate co-creative change and promote greater awareness of climate change that continues to be exacerbated by the ongoing effects of COVID-19 socially, economic and environmentally. The project will create a better life for Sydneysiders by enabling a collaborative effort to minimise excessive waste production often normalised in metropolitan areas such as Sydney. In doing so, drawing attention to the personalised experiences of loneliness, fear, anger and sense of disregard on an individual level as a result of COVID-19 as well as the heightened intensity of climate change that permeates our current generation.

The idea delivers great public space by allowing for freeform yet interactive model utilising sustainable materials that is family-friendly and of limited financial costs. The idea is transformational in utilising innovation and sustainable materials as mechanisms to discover, unite and empower individuals of all backgrounds that we can fight COVID-19 and deeply engage with how we can mitigate the risks of climate change proactively.

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