The Woccanmagully Steps
Andreea Toma & Rasmus Frisk

Rebuilding the connection between land and ocean

The neverending concrete wall is blocking the presence of the ocean, a characteristic that is definitely needed to create a path that balances the green and blue elements. Sometimes, the endless wall is hiding the Waterview, directing you from one end to another. Without breaks, without consideration, it makes you rush and reject your need to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

For this proposal, we imagine that a wooden platform will replace the concrete barrier and re-establish the lost connection between the two landscapes. Our suggestion is composed of jumbo wooden stairs that allow the users to see the waterfront, and at the same time, strengthens the connection with the Botanical Garden through its sitting functionality, allowing people to take a break and enjoy the view. At the ocean side, the stairs are gradually transforming into a platform that offers accessibility to the water. We want to challenge the safety barriers with our design, in a simple manner, where the user can dip their toe into the water, or just relax on the wooden amphitheatre, watch the seagulls and enjoy the sounds of the waves. The design can become an important landmark for local people, inviting them to interact with it and adapt it over time, as well as use it as a place for outdoor meetings, picnics, cultural events and training. We propose that the structure will be built out of recycled materials from the local area that will support the reduction of CO2 emissions. The design concept

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