The Spot
Maggie Lokic

A place that hopes to bring out beautiful qualities in people through enjoyable experience.

“go to the spot…”

A pavilion with a roofspace accessible from a ground-level surrounded by lawn, native trees and plantings, reminding us of the Australian landscape.

“…what’s there?”

This public space hopes to be more than just amenity. It is a place for psychological and mindful recreation, enabling people to befriend others while being in nature. There is a space for impromptu conversations, silence, or companionship.

A person or group will be organised to be at ‘the spot’ throughout the day, every day of the year. Any person or small group is able to book a time, however long you would like to be there. There’s no script, maybe sometimes a subject matter expert of some kind, or just someone to talk to or be quiet with. A place for outside social connection through deeds and words.

It will create personal experiences, with collective outcomes that hope to improve the broader community’s way of life through displays of genuine kindness. If used by many, including the disadvantaged or intellectually disabled, mental health improvements are expected. Opportunities for data collection could demonstrate the effectiveness of this kind of design for connecting communities. A safe and inclusive place for the lonely, for those who feel intimidated in public space, for people of all walks of life. The experience and transformational effects will be personal, and may never be known or expressed to others.

“…a delightful addition to your life’s story.”

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