The Silent Service
Trish Johnson


An exciting outing for schools, community groups and the general public to experience Retort House’s exciting interactive submarine simulators. The interior of Retort House would be transformed into an interactive space that simulates and explains the working components and sounds of the ‘real’ submarine HMAS ONSLOW, relocated from Powerhouse Museum and moored at SUB BASE PLATYPUS, Neutral Bay. The simulator would precede an optional, Interior, tour of HMAS ONSLOW. The space would be ‘hands on’ and comprise a self/ or fully guided exploration of submarine operations and their capability and contribution to wartime and post-war service.(see uploaded image of HMAS ONSLOW compartments downloaded from powerhouse Museum website) One simulator should provide an exciting ‘dive’ Into the oceans depths; an experience enhanced by surround sound and visual simulators, that provide, the guest, with a total sensory experience, as they are immersed in a new undersea world, through portholes or screens. This would bring visitors to the Sub Base area, both during the week and weekends and provide employment opportunities as well as great use of the outdoor picnic areas and park facilities. The area is well serviced by ferry, and an easy walk from railway and bus routes. It also would comply with the Residential considerations in the area. There is ample parking for private and government buses.

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