The Shyness of the Crown
Ashleigh Vissel & Rachel Murray

Strengthening community bonds and creating a safe and vibrant urban space

The way in which society functions within public urban settings is constantly evolving in accordance with behavioural patterns and social norms. Therefore, with a sense of uncertainty seeping into the community in regards to the global pandemic, 2020 is recognised to be thus far at the forefront of rapid change in how society operates and views space. With this understanding in mind, it is believed that the provision of space is to be re-evaluated in order to eliminate the apparent sense of nervousness and uncertainty surrounding the utilisation of public areas.

In nature, trees inherently provide distance between each other, commonly referred to as the phenomenon of the shyness of the crown. Whereby, drawing upon this notion the presented concept design, which is located in Jubilee Reserve, Lakemba, is strategically aimed at providing a space that instils a sense of togetherness and unity, whilst allowing patrons to naturally keep their distance.

The location for the intended scheme was strategically selected due to the apparent close-knit community centred identity that is instilled throughout the whole of Lakemba. Whereby, the current park facilities, such as the local community garden and children’s playground, are proposed to be reimagined into an interconnected network that fosters a sense of togetherness and unity, whilst still allowing for patrons to safely manoeuvre around the space. The featured scheme offers a strong sense of inclusivity and celebrates the distinct multicultural character of Lakemba, thus providing a space for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

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