The Octagon
Emma Power

A place to escape from the world and embrace your spiritual self in this tranquil environment

This is a place to take a break from the world while disconnecting from society to experience a peaceful open space to get into your own mind and relax. It allows you to sense the spiritual connection between humans and our environment. It will allow Sydneysiders to come to this space and feel an immediate sense of tranquillity due to the following water steps and wide-open spaces. They will be able to relax and have time to themselves if they have had a big day at work, or if they are just feeling the pressure and need a space to think. It will be allocated on the side of a quiet lake somewhere so it will increase the level of serenity and peacefulness, and would allow Sydneysiders to access it very quickly and easily with no levels of stress involved. The way you get inside the building is also unique in the way that you enter through one of the octagon-shaped buildings and exit out of the other one, in a sense that you have come out a different person than you entered. The water flowing throughout different parts of the building and in the lake at the front is supposed to symbolise the motif of water and its purity and tranquillity.

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