The New Harbord Park (2)
Year 6 students at Harbord Public School

How we can create a better life for Freshwater citizens.

We will create a better life for Freshwater citizens by:
1. Renovating the bathrooms
2. Adding a pump track and bowl/skate park
3. Adding bins and doggy poop bag dispensers
4. Adding hooks on the back of the football goals to make soccer goals
5. Adding seating areas on Wyadra Road side
6. Adding brighter lights
7. Adding basketball hoops near the car park on Robert Street
8. Bubblers near the canteen
9. Getting the canteen redone and open on the weekend
10.Handball courts near the basketball hoops

Our idea will create a better public space by:
1. Having a skate park for all ages
2. Having the canteen working and selling on the weekends (it will even have a coffee machine)
3. Having seating for parents to watch their kids or just to hang out
4. Having hooks on the football goals so we can put soccer nets on them

Our idea will be better because:
1. It will bring more people to Harbord Park
2. It will make kids more active with the skatepark,
basketball court, football/soccer fields
3. People won’t leave dog poop on the fields
4. The bins will help reduce litter that goes into the nearby beaches
5. People will want to go into the toilets because they won’t be so stinky
6. The canteen will have food to buy stuff and then the area will make more money

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