Best Public Facility Idea

Competition Winner

The Modern Carpark
Kevin Jain, Tash Velkou, Van Tran

Rethinking How We Perceive And Utilise Urban Infrastructure

Many local government agencies are facing a situation where existing carparks are aging poorly, reaching their end of life and/or no longer fit into the area’s streetscape masterplan. Additionally, post COVID-19, there will be a reluctance to use public transport leading to an increase in usage of carparks. Therefore, these public facilities are ideal locations to be re-envisioned into spaces greater than a place for cars to park.

The modern carpark should be considered as an urban interchange for people to access a variety of activation zones. These activation zones will not just affect the commuter journey but also the way the surrounding precinct is portrayed and used.

The modern carpark will become a hotspot with facilities like bike and ride-sharing areas, parcel pickup lockers, community arts and culture spaces, and open space for people to socialise and relax. Our design encompasses a community-managed green space where the wall panels can swivel offering a place for plants to grow. We feel this is a great way for community interaction, participation and a form of interactive art.

As part of this project, we wanted to understand the importance of the features in the carpark. Qualitative research was undertaken with 30 participants. 66% of respondents rated green space in public spaces the most important feature with the remaining 34% rating it 4/5 in importance. This research helped us understand how important green space is to the community and that it is key for delivering a great public space.

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