The Kaleidoscope
Samantha John

Street side community structure for recreation.

The structure is a street side community hub, designed to be walked through and played in. It is designed in an inclusive manner with hand railings for the elderly and bars to climb onto for children. It provides shelter and has a stage built with it for performances or events that any member of the community may host at any time. It is versatile and can be placed anywhere, from parks to street corners and residential areas or even along the street itself. Its vibrant colours and open, friendly arches magnetise all age groups and provide a dazzling backdrop to any performance. The space around the structure has collapsible games like table tennis or a pool table (built into the ground), it may also include a putting green. Plexi glass is used instead of glass, for durability and its light weight.
The idea is to attract Sydneysiders, building a strong community as people of all ages gather together while playing games, holding dance rehearsals, sharing some coffee, news and music with your neighbours or maybe just a spot for your next post. It transforms an ordinary thoroughfare into a kaleidoscope of activity.

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