The Dome

The dome is a live entertainment area in Sydney targeted for young people

The dome is used for live entertainment such as small artist concerts, theatre performances etc. The main part of it ( the dome) will show above ground and the floor, seats and stage will be underground where the spectators are exposed to natural light and the night sky.

The dome will be a strong glass with hints of greenery on it to make it stand out from usual building aesthetic and give it a more softer and attracting look the reason i chose to have the main part shaped as a semi circle is because sound vibrates better off of curved surfaces e.g a cup, this makes the spectators be more immersed in the music or the play.

The dome could be located in Darling Harbour which is in the city. From there, there are many forms of public transport to get to the dome. I decided to put it in an accessible place because most young people use public transport.

It is easily accessible by everyone and there are elevators to help the disabled the elevators could be powered by solar panels which gets the power the sun that shines through the glass dome

I feel there aren’t many buildings in sydney with a particular circle shape exterior and the dome can challenge the normal look. It is also eco friendly due to the solarĀ  panels and it is a place that brings people together through entertainment and common interests.

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