The Bowl
Campbell Barnes

Multi-purpose public exhibition space

The Bowl is a multi-purpose public exhibition space, with its user’s needs at the heart of its design. It is located in the courtyard adjacent to the Education buildings and the Sydney College of the Arts at Sydney University. The Bowl seeks to address the shortcomings of its site, as well as provide a place on campus grounds where a diverse range of work can be exhibited. It is first and foremost a multi-purpose exhibition space – The Bowl’s design allows it to be utilised concurrently as the staging ground for exhibitions and as a relaxing space for the public to gather.

It is also a permanent architectural installation, which draws its design language from the buildings around campus. When an exhibition is not showing, The Bowl still acts as a great place to meet with friends and sinks naturally into the already established site to create a social focal point for the local area. Good design allows those that use it to create moments of connection and meaning with each other and themselves, and it is the hope that this project is the same.

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