The Bay Run Glow Up
Isobella Lucic, Morgan Blamey, Lucas McLagan, Sophie Valentine, Samatha Hardie and Ben Radford

Widening and lighting pedestrian pathways along the Bay Run will transform it to a healthier and safer public space.

Widening the footpath and installing footpath lighting would improve the amenity of the Bay Run and increase safety and usability. Currently the footpath is a maximum of 2m wide which is insufficient for social distancing resulting in single file movement only (no overtaking).

Survey results from NSW DPIE indicate that since COVID-19 nearly half of Sydneysiders spend more time in public spaces, and 91% use these spaces for exercise (i.e. walking, running and cycling). However, 52% expressed difficulty in practising social distancing while using these spaces. This highlights the need for improved amenity on existing public spaces.

Widening the existing cycle/pedestrian paths would improve amenity by providing a more appropriate pathway width to accommodate the additional demand as well as enable users to practice social distancing whilst enjoying the public space. We also propose the installation of STARPATH lighting; a non-slip, waterproof spray on product which absorbs UV light during the day and glows at night. This would increase the usability of the public space as currently, lighting is considered to be inadequate, and restricts use at night. More people could then safely use the space over a longer period of time.

Our proposal would enable Council to maximise existing infrastructure and increase usability. Furthermore, the lighting provides an alternative to more common streetlighting, which can adversely impact the amenity of neighbouring residential areas in terms of light spill, as well as providing a more cost efficient solution and lighting typologies that blend into the environment and lights the Bay.

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