The Aussie Story
Harrison Andrews & Joseph Hanna

Bringing Australian Stories to Light

A space that promotes inspirational Australians and allows the public to interact with their stories through technology. Using QR codes and a double-sided technology board, individuals will be able to read these stories and interact with them by leaving comments. These comments are then displayed on the technology board.

The Aussie Story provides a memorial space to reflect on Australia’s resilience through inspirational stories relating to significant national and international events such as heroic acts performed in The Australian Bushfires. This will create a stronger sense of community and then instil within a people a deeper appreciation for our country. It also provides a place for people to relax and takes into account the current COVID-19 climate by promoting social distancing through technology.

It is an active and passive space. Individuals can relax, exercise, or interact with the technology board. This space enhances people’s perceptions of current events. The activities included within The Aussie Story allow people to feel inspired, enhancing their sense of belonging and enabling them to leave their mark behind.

The Aussie Story is both physically and mentally transformative. The space promotes physical wellbeing through the inclusion of a bike path and various open areas. Regarding mental transformation, The Aussie Story provides a space of remembrance that changes one’s perception about theirs’ or other’s journey. The space is unique in that it allows people to contribute to The Australian Story.

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