The Aroma Array
Sin Tung Vivian Chan

An Australian Native Fragrant Plant Path

An increasing number of Sydneysiders are facing mental health issues. My idea is to create a better life for Sydneysiders through a provision of aromatherapy to tackle common medical conditions like depression and anxiety disorder. Inhalation of aroma from certain plants can have a healing effect on emotional problems.

Australia has a wonderful collection of native fragrant plants. A selection of them are chosen for this idea of having an Australian native fragrant plants path. The path can be read as three segments, namely the mint bush, orchids tunnel and foliage delights. The choices of plants are based on their scent’s ability of having a calming or refreshing effect.

The path can act as a great public space with its high accessibility and inclusiveness. All ages and genders are welcomed to enjoy the aroma from the plants. It also provides a comfortable space for social engagements and encourages a sense of community.

The idea has the potential to be applied to a large range of sites with different conditions, from big to small, urban to rural. The choices of plants can also be altered based on site circumstances. The idea is expandable with the addition of more facilities like resting areas, community gardens and even sport equipment.

The overall idea is to provide a public space for Sydneysiders to enjoy the aroma from Australian native plants and find relaxation in this dense city.

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