Terrace from Paris to Sydney
Mathieu Genin

Elegant re-enchant public spaces. A modular structure ready to adapt itself everywhere.

Hi my name is Mathieu Genin, I’m a french student designer. I was an intern at the Tzannes studio of architecture in Sydney when I designed this urban furniture. Jan Gelh’s urban planning vision for the place of pedestrians inspires me greatly. My study’s thesis this year is: Is the street planning in favour of meeting people? In this perspective, I design urban furniture to re-enchant our common urban areas.

Following the COVID pandemic, public spaces and specifically the terraces along the sidewalks meet the need of Sydneysiders to renew their bodies, to re-establish and re-enchant the relationships with others, learning to recognize emotions beyond the mask.

In addition, Sydneysiders will be able to contribute to the maintenance of plants, thus allowing them to develop a real feeling of belonging to the community.
This urban furniture by allowing walkers to rest and find themselves in a friendly and ergonomic environment is a means for reclaiming public space to the benefit of pedestrians.

This idea is an opportunity to build fluid bridges between private and public areas. By offering a solution to impact our common public spaces to the benefit of communities.
The inclusion of such spaces can be a way to rethink the car’s role in the city and to reflect on finding alternatives to parking needs, delivery constraints, network management, etc.

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