Team Work makes the Dream Work
Jeff Jones & Kristina Reynolds

“Community Collaboratories” (CCs) places to learn, play, create. Your destination by choice.

Our concept is leveraged from our existing corporate “collaboratories” and exciting iterations focusing on inclusion, aspiration, diversity, gratification and artefacts to tell and share stories and experiences inside and outside of a semi-permanent structure that uses only sustainable, repurposed, eco-friendly materials in a self-powering solar energy system.

Sydney has amazing places that can be augmented to encourage the communities they sit in to engage in relevant, authentic and interesting ways. Places bring together human and digital interactions at the touch of a button, so every experience is new, giving residents and visitors a real reason to revisit and participate. Content is determined by interactive challenges which are solved by communities and their interests.

Our space is beautiful, interactive, sustainable and celebrates the environment it sits within. It encourages interaction on multiple levels with something new every day for everyone.
CCs are a network of linked destinations that use technology and smart devices to allow real-time interaction between everyone. Make music, take a 3D tour through Sydney pre-white settlement, measure carbon footprints and energy consumption, create location-based treasure hunts throughout Sydney. Swing on musical swings, or dance on piano steps like Tom Hanks in Big, with friends old and new and record the music you make. Explore the history of locations you are in as you walk through immersive digital tunnels that are place-making links to the existing spaces. Take home your creation and share it with the world.

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