Best Temporary And/ Or Low Cost Public Space Idea

Highly Commended

Sydney’s Guerilla Art Day
Kate Hannaford

Sydneysiders will enjoy a better life with higher levels of community participation and social interaction. Local residents will be empowered to play a part in fostering connections and contribute to the biodiversity of their neighbourhood.

If public space is everybody’s business, then we have invited them into it and have collective conversations in this forum. Guerilla art is for everyone not just for just the privileged. We have the opportunity to turn underutilised assets/public spaces into celebrated assets.
A Guerilla Art Day is designed to promote public art in redundant/ under-utilised public spaces. It is an invitation for all artists – professionals, students and amateurs to participate in this event across Sydney.
Concept: Artists/Groups of Artists/Art Schools/Universities/Colleges/Art Galleries are invited to create public art in public places on a nominated day. Artworks can then be photographed and put up a specified social media platform and the public can vote to nominate their favourite work of Awards and money would be granted to the winners to support their artistic endeavours. To make the ephemeral permanent.
Materials used must be biodegradable and not have any permanency. Chalk or other materials could be allocated to groups to ensure that all artists can contribute and not be limited by lack of resources. Emphasis to be placed on re-using, re-interrupting materials to create installations.
The idea is the transitory nature of art, events and place, a moment in time capturing the heart of the city through its art.
Public spaces could be allocated, alternative spaces could be excluded, otherwise, footpaths be allocated for inclusion.

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