Sydney, Getting Out and About
Mark Whitty

Find popular landmarks and interesting places quickly when spending time in the city of Sydney.

As a former Sydney resident and having worked in the city, I was often asked directions to city significant places of interest and landmarks throughout the city. I have also had the opportunity to escort friends and overseas visitors around the city. Whilst it should be easy to navigate, in fact it is complex due to a serious lack of signage, directions and the various kinds of transport modes available to get around the city.

My project submission focusses on the availability of information portals and associated signage to help Sydney siders easily navigate the city. Using Wi-Fi technology and one’s mobile phone, people will be able to look-up a place of interest and distance, transport mode and time taken can be immediately found. The information portal can be placed in important public spaces. A series of small signs depicting stylised images of significant places (e.g. Opera House) should be installed on light poles etc to help guide those that travel by foot. These signs should use the brown colour scheme depicting tourist information.

Visitors to Sydney city will be able to make effective use of many public spaces throughout the city as it assists in accessing the nearest available information portal in readiness for their next destination.

This project will transform Sydney as being a place that is “visitor and resident friendly” and the initiative would also be unprecedented amongst other great cities around the world.

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