Sustainable transformation of the Darling Harbour
Iryna Udovenko, Andriy Brodovoy, Mariia Komendant & Lydmyla Bilodid

Creating the sustainable public space at the Darling Harbour with landscape architecture

This project represents a new benchmark in sustainable design. An architecture of big canopies, filtered shadows, water play, and large volumes capture the essence of the forest and reef, blurring the lines between city and nature.
Our design proposal focuses on the qualitative and sustainable transformation of the Darling Harbour – the waterfront along Harbourside Shopping Mall.

The main idea of the project is the creation of different-scale locations for a game and social interaction within the pedestrian area. To cope with the urban challenges in a sustainable way we offer:
1. Create an additional ring-shaped walking lane above the water with swings and a waterfall on the perimeter.
2. A walking area with authentic Australian ornaments on paving
3. Planting trees, expansion of green sites that deliver a natural, outdoor venue that offers respite from hot and humid conditions.
4. Universal design landscaping. The plants and shrubs, which would increase foot traffic for the businesses in the area
5. Provide a platform for festivals, celebrations, and community gatherings for the Sydneysiders. We use several big planters that could be mobile and create the segments onto the site.
6. Amplify the beauty of the Darling Harbour
7. Create a special place to drive a groundswell of local pride in the city.

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