Louise Obrien & Winnie Pham

Educational supersized everyday objects made fun

Greeted by two large evergreen trees, this opened space area lays two low bench seats a yellow pencil and a wooden ruler forming almost an L shape around the perimeter of the space.

  • A triangular shades cloth providing shade and shelter from the harsh Australian elements.
  • Underneath arrays of pencil sharpened shaped curved seat and laptop-style bench chairs positioned to see the beautiful surroundings, including an opened pencil case flower planter box in the centre of the entire space.
  • Two open books large enough for an adult to wander through, children to hide or even to scale up and over the outside like mountains
  • Rounded Scissors with handles being seats and two round tables in the middle
  • Blue sticky tape slide with monkey bars and netted hammock

All sitting on top of grey softfall.

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