Street Parks
Aditya Malshe

Transforming doorstep parking into doorstep parks

‘Street parks’ are a re-imagination of one of the most abundant public open spaces – our streets, as places for people to connect with nature.

The concept was developed as a response to:

  • the increasing demand yet inequitable access to parks and green reserves across the metropolis
  • the low tree canopy cover in Greater Sydney (as revealed by a study in 2014)
  • poor activation of public open spaces separated from pedestrian desire lines
  • the perception of streets as sterile, movement-oriented places

‘Street parks’ aim to improve access to green open spaces by creating comfortable park-like environments at the doorstep of dwellings. The idea takes an ‘outside-in’ approach to street design – widening footpaths and replacing on-street car parking spaces with green and shaded communal places to sit, play and connect with nature and other people.

This idea will offer Sydneysiders opportunities to:

  • enjoy greenery and great views
  • experience nature-based play
  • relax and socialise with neighbours in a cool, shaded and pleasant environment
  • cultivate and share flowers, fruit and vegetables through community gardens
  • have picnics and porch parties without travelling far away

The idea transforms the way streets and parks have been traditionally conceptualised. By integrating movement and recreation, the idea will deliver a network of green outdoor living rooms. This will not only have positive health and well-being benefits for people but also improve the ecological footprint of the city.

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