Steps to the Future
Isabella Di Francesco

Moving towards a healthier and cleaner future.

Climate change is an issue that is drastically worsening, threatening the health of our planet. Every step towards a clean and sustainable world is vital, big or small.
Through this outdoor gym, the kinetic energy exhibited through exercise is collected and used to power small devices and charging ports for electronics, the excess stored to be used when needed. This public park not only creates clean energy but also provides the public with an incentive to exercise and delivers benefits to those who are time-sensitive. Charging ports provide efficient solutions to those who run on a busy schedule, fitting battery top-ups into their exercise regimen.

As most outdoor gyms in Sydney are not used frequently enough to produce the required amount of energy, motivation to the public will be created through an accompanying app that tracks individual energy production and holds weekly community competitions for the most energy produced. As public attraction increases, the value of health and fitness will increase as well as the acknowledgement of sustainability.
This space promotes environmental positivity, working to a cleaner planet. Although this space does not have a large scale impact, it inspires corporations and the community to make a change to reduce their carbon footprint.

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