David Vago

An original songwriting competition that uses the Sydney public domain landscape as its stage

One of the most unique, a fusion of navigation and oral mythological storytelling, originated among the indigenous peoples of Australia, who navigated their way across the land using paths called songlines or dreaming tracks. In Aboriginal mythology, a songline is a myth based around localised ‘creator-beings’ during the Dreaming, the indigenous Australian embodiment of the creation of the Earth. Each songline explains the route followed by the creator being during the course of the myth. The path of each creator-being is marked in sung lyrics. Songlines is a concept to nurture, promote and help upcoming musicians by giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain exposure and receive mentoring by leading music industry heavyweights in an exciting outdoor format. A chance to express their voice and tell their stories. Indigenous entrants are strongly encouraged. The outdoor music competition will see musicians battle it out over a 7 week event. Preliminary performances will be streamed live over the web and artists selected via online voting and input from the judging panel. They will then tour around select Sydney public spaces giving performances and being scored by judges and the community. Although this event is live, highlights of each outdoor performance can be shared on social media. The judging panel and public space site selection subject to standard NSW Procurement Laws. Since Covid-19, the music industry has suffered greatly. This concept brings music to the landscape and people in a more covid safe environment than traditional indoor gigs while nurturing songwriting talent in Sydney.

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