SkyHigh Reserve
Patrick Willison

A fun and exciting playground for all ages.

When I designed my play space, I wanted it to be challenging and fun. I also wanted it to have lots of plants, like trees, flowers and grasses, because they make the space feel more natural and cooler. (A) is a climbing frame made from rope, which leads to (B). From (A) – (B) there is an entry point at the bottom of the lookout. (C) is a bridge that leads from the lookout (B) to (D). (D) is a hut with a window and a slide (E). The slide leads to an area close to (F). (F) is a flying fox that leads to (G). (G) is a log that you can balance on. This leads you back to (A) but this time you can’t follow the (H) path towards (I). (I) is a rope and wood monkey bar that crosses a sandy chasm and leads to (J), a passageway that leads to an underground tunnel (K). (K) takes you to a huge tower (L) with many levels and lookouts on the way to the top. At the top, there are 360-degree views.

I think SkyHigh Reserve will create a better life for people because they will be encouraged to play and explore.

My idea is a great public place because you can use it in lots of different ways and people of all ages can play there.

I designed this playground to help people to be outside to get fresh air, have fun, and exercise. Patrick (8 years of age).

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