Sky Gardens
Benjamin Scheelings

Elevating Public Space off the Ground

Cities and their inhabitants have been changing rapidly. Most significantly affected by these changes are offices and office workers. The workforce has had to adapt to the modern world where flexible working hours, working from home and more recently social distancing impact the way we live and work in metropolitan areas.

The design of existing public space and offices no longer accommodates the modern way of life. With underfunded public space struggling to meet the demands of cities residents and many office spaces currently lying dormant or underutilised, It’s clear that a new way of conceptualizing both these spaces is needed.

Through the strategic conversion of some of this office space to open space or Sky Gardens, large companies can accommodate the modern lifestyle of its workforce, reduce their overheads by accommodating more of the workforce to work from home, as well as providing their employees with better access to public open space, satisfaction and productivity.

This opportunity opens the doors for Government and local councils to pair with businesses and stakeholders to convert some of this surplus office space to Sky Gardens, increasing the cities green footprint. These new public spaces will not only enhance the lives of its residents through the increased access to open space but also improve the city’s ability to treat and clean stormwater, improve air quality as well as providing new habitats for urban wildlife.

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