Skills Exchange Noticeboard
Michelle Xiang

A highly accessible noticeboard for sharing skills and knowledge in the local community.

What is it?

A digital noticeboard which encourages participants to post skills they want to learn in exchange for skills they can teach to others in the local community. Anyone can submit a request or respond to a posting in the local community, thus reducing skill underutilisation whilst strengthening bonds in the community.

How does it work?

  • Wall projections can be set up in public facilities such as libraries or museums.
  • Users can submit a posting onto the wall by filling in a short form on an iPad stationed close to the wall. Each posting will include a name, contact details, the request, and what the participant can offer. Once the submission has gone through, it will undergo a short screening process, before popping up on the digital noticeboard. The postings will be randomised after a period of time e.g. 30 min.
  • These postings will also be digitised to a website format for those who cannot physically access the wall. Users are also given unique urls to keep track of their postings.

Important considerations:

  • An onboarding process / instructions explaining how it works should be readily available to anyone interested in trying it out
  • Requests should be screened to ensure they do not contain profanities/are inappropriate or discriminatory
  • To encourage users to think carefully about their request a small fee e.g. $2 may be paid by the user to make a posting. This money will also contribute to the running costs of the digital noticeboard and associated website.

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