Salisbury Steps, RPA Camperdown
Peter Willett, Sarah Gan-Brown, Lorraine Yuelei Li, Cindy Lin and Jessica Yue Wang

Pedestrianise to reconnect institutional precincts with the community

In underutilised allotments waiting for development, temporary car parks have taken over an area that desperately needs the alternative of mass transit. An RPA metro station on an inner city loop would dramatically reduce the need for cars in the area, allowing for pedestrians to reclaim lost streets. ‘Salisbury Steps’ would be the east-west axis intersecting at ‘Salisbury Square’, a new meeting place on Hospital Roads north-south corridor. The steps would reestablish the connection to the original Salisbury road entry to RPA and provide a connection through to the University of Sydney. Church St connects Newtown to the lower entry at the ‘Cabbage Tree Triangle’, an echo of the creeks and gullies that fed Johnston’s Creek in 1788.

We examine leveraging the public space component of public institutions to play a more integreted role in the surrounding community. Retail and commercial activity on ground levels. Hospital service functions connect underground while patient and staff accommodation is above in naturally ventilated standardised pods placed on the perimeters of podium blocks.

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