Jatin Midha

Create and Re-create, a public space for the occasion

Normally the efforts of the construction industry are aimed to design permanent and durable spaces. However, on some occasions creating temporary spaces can be of great help, not only when providing fast assembly infrastructure, but also when activating residual or abandoned spaces in our city. Hence a certain sense of intimacy and utilisation of open space for public activities is accommodated. A certain sense of zoning between different spaces is characterised by plants, repetitive wooden framing, and floor materials. The “Inverted Patio Umbrella” characterizes the solution of many problems Sydney siders face in public areas. Pioneered by Entrepreneurs Samit Choksi and Priya Vakil, this originally stainless-steel structure is designed to filter/collect rainwater and can lined with solar panels to generate electricity. However, the adjoined Seating/Table shaped like teardrop, is an addition to this superstructure, designed to ensure people social distancing from one another. The sanitiser stations are also merged into this design, to create a wholistic, Covid-safe seating mechanism. The teardrop shaped- boards removable and can be latched on at different heights to accommodate for the occasion and need of the public space. This is a heavily standardized design project, with many of the repetitive parts having the potential to be produced in mass and set up with ease.

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