Rooftop=Everything [R=E]
Samuel Butler, Hannah Edwards, Glenda Yiu, Guy Hollingum, John Caldwell, Samuel Butler

A rooftop activation incentive which benefits the public, Councils, and developers.

As a team of Development Managers, Engineers, and Architects, we understand the pressure of market forces upon our city skylines. Demand for Net Lettable Area, Gross Floor Area, and efficient building services creates inherently inaccessible rooftops.

Rooftop=Everything (R=E) is a holistic planning principle that provides more high-quality public amenities to existing and new rooftops, with benefits to everyone in our community.

The incentive allows local councils to own, and operate the rooftop of any building. This rooftop space is then utilised for everything Rooftop: outdoor cinema, native gardens, community centres, repair workshops, exercise track… From walking the dog to riding your bike: Everything is Rooftopable.

To activate this incentive, local councils allow an additional level to be constructed above the allowable building height limit. This extra space accommodates a public lift for access to the rooftop, preventing disruption to existing plant and services on the former roof level, and an extra slice of NLA. Nice.

Upon completion, the public is welcome to enjoy the best views, smells, weather, and community, from the highest vantage points in the city. This idea transcends existing stiff regulation and focuses on putting people and community ahead of buildings while acknowledging the role that buildings play in shaping community.

We believe in R=E, and we hope that you do too!

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