Revitalising @ George Street
Zihan Yu, Jaye Lin & Jiahang Li

A Street to Offer as Gratitude to Working-Class Heroes.

The increment of the world’s economy responds to the psychological health of working-class. Organisations exploit these people, making them stay in confined office spaces for more than 40 hours per week. They are the driving force of our city, but what have we got to offer as gratitude to these heroes?

Through the reconfiguration and optimisation of the streets, the ideology of fusion of between psychological health and urban street typologies forms a new movement that starts within Town Hall in George Street.

The transformation of part of George Street into a car-free light rail and pedestrian stretch can maximise both public use and commercial opportunities. With Town Hall light rail station located within proximity, this street will be utilised by many office workers. It will be a street designed for them to traverse in the morning before work, and in the evening after work. It acts as space for them to relax and chill during their break time too. Given the pandemic outbreak, the design will be focusing on the walking demands space; it is necessary to define the human level of tolerance for interferences encountered during walking so that spaces are sufficiently narrow and rich in experiences, yet still wide enough to allow room to manoeuvre. The proposal also includes public seatings, permeable paving, outdoor cooling fog during summer, interactive lighting system.

This ideology will be replicated as a future urban street typology model in other CBD streets, and adjustment can be made for every different street in Sydney CBD.

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