Reserve Upgrade
Alan Tan, Nathaniel Coelho, Richard Saliba & Jeong (Tommy) An

Transforming an under-used open space into a focal gathering point for the community.

This idea envisions the revitalization of an under-used open space, and with the proposed transformation it will encourage public patronage, increase activity and vibrancy of the area, encourage people to get active and serve as an attractor for Sydneysiders in general.

Located within 250m of a Railway Station, this idea proposes the following elements:

  • Outdoor Public Exercise Equipment: These facilities are widely used in most open spaces (i.e. Iron Cove a current popular destination), which will help encourage people to get active and attract a wider demographic.
  • “Modern Lunch Oasis”: spaces for relaxation and recharging with Wi-Fi and Smart Technology.
  • Public BBQ Area: Help facilitate an area where the community can gather and promote social gatherings and events.
  • Raised Garden Deck: To take advantage of the topography of the park, having a timber flooring raised garden deck on the high point will provide a nice natural shaded area for the community to relax and enjoy the view.
  • Park reconfiguration, new foot-paving, landscaping and tree planting to create a more attractive streetscape environment.

As we are dealing with increased growth, there will be an ever-increasing demand for high-quality open spaces. To help deal with the demand, this idea will help transform the reserve into a truly great public for sports, relaxation, events, picnics and more. This reserve can capitalize on its proximity to the proposed Metro Station and retail premises – creating a better life for the community and Sydneysiders in general.

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