Reimagining the everyday
Andrew Dane, Sophie Sachs, John Nicholson

Inspiring Sydneysiders to get outside and reimagine their local green/public spaces.

Reimagining the everyday encourages Sydneysiders to rediscover their local area with a new whimsical perspective. Everyday forms and structures such a telephone poles and bollards can be transformed into fun and colourful objects. The structures become bright, oversized and whimsical versions of everyday objects. The simplistic design of the objects is intended to appeal to a wide audience, from children to commuters on their way to work. We imagine this to be something like the annual Christmas light hunt which encourages locals to explore and get involved with communities around them.

Flat pack colourful cardboard imagery will be supplied to registered participants to apply in their local area. These flat packs are proposed to be temporary elements, produced using biodegradable cardboard with natural soy ink printing and fixed with kraft paper tape. The process of preparing and installing the objects will be a fun community activity.

The final design on the objects may be adapted to suit 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional objects pending feedback.

The designs are non-prescriptive, allowing locals to express and adapt the designs to transform their area uniquely. There is no singular way for any design to be applied.

The project can be shared on social media platforms and allows people the opportunity to interact with other communities/ see other communities ideas.

This proposal is not limited to Sydneysiders. Flatpacks could be posted, or designs directly supplied across a larger area, providing the opportunity for widescale community involvement.

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