Regenerative Resting Places
Jess Miller & Claire Sutton

Death: 30k ppl in NSW die each year (1%). On average each pay between $15-30k per funeral.

Uncomfortable right?
Each year in NSW approximately $900,000,000 is spent on funerals. Public space for burials is run-in out, so the vast majority of funeral ‘products’ involve cremations resulting in ashes with the same PH as bleach and quite a generic experience that is completely disconnected from place.
So how can we reimagine a different option for urban communities that provides a connected, deep and transformative experience, comfort and connection and at the same time funds a rapid and radical proliferation and the ongoing maintenance of biodiverse green roofs and meadows?
This idea is to create an alternative end-of-life option that greens our rooftops with native gardens and meadows based on the ‘Living Legacy’ model*.

It provides our urban communities with a collective breath of reprieve, connection, contribution and above all – beauty.
Money that goes toward the mainstream funeral industry, is redirected toward achieving a collective vision of a local regenerative city. You remains are cremated, turned into a non-toxic soil condition that you can choose to use on your own garden or nominate a dedicated native vegetation project.
Your loved ones (and strangers alike) become the beneficiaries of your final act. At nighttime, a tiny light amid the city-scape symbolises your presence, generosity and care for your community.

The rooftop ecosystem you help create contributes to the biodiversity of the city, providing a sanctuary for birds and insects. You help the city’s children breathe. Give nature a break and overtime regenerate and heal an entire city system. All the while

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