Projected Lives
Brett Davis

Mobile stories from near & far

[Projected lives] seeks to give the passer by a moments pause, to stop and gaze in
an unexpected location, at stories projected onto urban, suburban or parkland fabric.

These locations may be at street level in tight urban back streets, high up on the
sides of Buildings, or projected across a park onto historic landmarks.

The curated stories may be a collaged history of the location in which it is located.
They could uncover moments of joy or reflection in the lives of today’s generation.
Stories may come from across the street, across the country, or tell of immigrant
journeys from across the world. The stories may speak of the surrounding natural
landscape. How it has changed over time. What has been lost. What has endured
& thrived.

The projectors would be mobile. Installed in refitted & rebranded Ice Cream Vans.
The familiar and the new. Small enough to park in tight laneways. Large enough to
carry commercial grade projection equipment, & sell you an Ice Cream as well.

Viewers may choose to dwell and watch for a minute, an hour, or a whole evening.
If they choose, they can access the audio on their smart phones, via a wi-fi hotspot
in the projection van. Or hire headphones on the spot. A van may stay in one
location for up to a week, giving locals a chance to tell their friends and catch the

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