Lara Hoffman Ritch

A Better Life:
When I think of what ‘play’ means in Sydney’s public spaces all that comes to mind are kids in gated playgrounds and organized team sports. ‘Play’ is a youth-driven concept that desperately needs to be revisualized to include a cross-generational audience. Ideas that look beyond pure physical play to also include intellectual and leisure play have been championed globally. Some examples include chess, backgammon, mahjong, all card games, Bocce Ball, Ping Pong and Tai Chi. By exploring this combination, we can expand cross-generational engagement which has proven to be an integral part of the happiness of communities around the world.

This new idea seeks to transform the important lawn bowling clubs that are dotted throughout NSW of which many are at risk of closure and in need of reinvention. This idea reinvents and reinforces the essence of these clubs by offering a larger and more exciting variety of ways to play and have fun for a cross-generational and inclusive audience. Additionally, with features like a community concierge and a buzzing outdoor café, a feeling of hospitality permeates the space.

Great Public Space:
Located in the hearts of residential communities, this idea aims to create a playful destination that encourages iPhones to be put down, conversations to be ignited and family and friendship connections to be strengthened. Particularly needed in these darker times, it’s an uplifting outdoor space with a fun and social spirit for ALL ages to enjoy together.

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