Parallel Dreams
Duane Allen

Combining art, nature and technology, as a re-imagination of the Pyrmont Bridge.

The objective of this project is to provide a better life for Sydneysiders. This will be achieved by combining three design strategies. These strategies include the implementation of flora, art, and technology, and will serve as the foundation for public spaces of the future.

The expression and vision of great public spaces will be illustrated through visual experience, and an immersion within creativity and beauty to improve the mental well-being of pedestrians. This concept will provide areas for direct public interaction, as well as areas for privacy and meditation within specialized pods. The stimulation for creativity will provide a space for artists to display and produce art such as installations and murals. These artists will be able to reside temporarily within pods until their artwork is complete, or for individuals who wish to experience space above the busy footpaths below. This concept will also incorporate the future of technology, including transportation from one point of the bridge to the next. The possibility of robots to enforce security and protection of the public is not limited, and maintains the development of newly formed contactless delivery options. The idea for this concept is transformative as it introduces a new way of interpreting pedestrian bridges of the future. It responds to the creative sector which has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus, and expresses a celebration of resilience and change of a growing society.

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