Palm Garden
Marianne Glinka

Palm Garden is an ever evolving sensory escape for office workers in North Sydney.

My proposal is situated in Brett Whitley Place, in the centre of the North Sydney business district.
This urban space is currently not being utilised and as a result I am proposing this area be used as a tranquil escape for office workers and the wider community.

Palm Garden is a digital intervention and interactive installation which uses sensory data and kinetic technology to counteract movements in the immediate area.

A series of sensors placed in the pavement track the level of foot traffic. These sensors send real-time data to the Palm Garden. The busier the foot traffic in the area the more Palm Gardens’ kinetic metal arms move above the space, creating slow, flowing shade throughout the garden.

The combination of slow movement, calming colours and shading in public spaces is transformational for central business districts in Sydney. Strategic digital transformations can ease anxieties about returning to the office environment and promote flexible working in the area.

The subtle interactivity of Palm Garden provides the community with a sense of ownership as the form and movement of the installation solely depend on the occupiers of the square. This is an important point of difference as it uses sensory measures to connect the community to the garden. If the foot traffic is quiet and the square empty the installation will deflate in energy, moving at a slower pace.


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