Our plans for Harbord Park
Year 6 students at Harbord Public School

A new and uplifting look for Harbord Park.

I like Harbord Park but it could use some changes, like bins, new toilets and lunch tables.

Better bathrooms and bubblers are two of the things we definitely need over at Harbord Park. The bubblers and bathrooms could be used by all ages if they forget their water bottle and need a drink. These will benefit everyone in the area.

Harbord Park needs lunch tables and a BBQ area. They will be under cover to shelter people from bad weather and provide protection from the sun.

If you walk around Harbord Park you will see rubbish scattered.

Bins will reduce the litter in our community and teach kids to put rubbish in the bins instead of throwing it on the ground.

The park is great for football, soccer, piggie in the middle but what about netball and basketball? In our plan we will pave out a netball court and we will add in a basketball court. This will help the park and bring more people.

These ideas will greatly improve Harbord Park and its community.

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