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Sam Bompas

Transmedia challenge sculpture at Hyde Park, the Domain, Centennial Park

A giant object lands on the site. A message from space?

The structure’s abstract, alien and mysterious. Covered in strange marking and glowing hieroglyphs, can you decipher what they say? There follows a transmedia puzzle, centred on the sculptural craft but live across the Sydney cityscape and digital media.

The installation contains a message from the future in response to the Golden Record sent into space aboard both Voyager craft in 1977. This is decoded through analysing the codes on the exterior of the craft, investigating media sites and physical locations across Sydney and taking note of the buzzing frequencies, temperature change, subtle movement, condensation of the installation.

Multiple difficulties levels of challenges can be set within the same medium, thereby engaging different audiences, ages and levels of skill. This encourages repeated investigation.

The project can be developed in collaboration with ASIO with those successful in resolving the challenges rewarded with an invite to interview.

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