Little Plant Library
Lei Zhang, Anna Chauvel

Encouraging the community to share the joy of growing plants

Following the trend of smaller backyards and high-density living, growing plants in pots has become more commonplace and widespread as people seek opportunities to connect with nature.
However, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people have had more time to focus on being even greener. Many of us want to add more greenery into our homes and have developed a renewed interest in growing plants in pots.
As we emerge from our isolation, an opportunity exists to nurture this pot plant trend.
The Little Plant Library builds upon the idea of the Street Library. It is a little house placed on the street, in a front yard, in the common area of an apartment block, or in a park, where community can exchange pot plants, cuttings and indoor planting tips. It may even become a place where people can keep their plants while going on holiday, knowing the neighbourhood will help care for them.
Anyone can add or take from the library. People can contribute plants, plant cuttings or full potted displays they think others might enjoy. The Little Plant Library is a plant-based resource for community building and importantly community greening.
Curated and managed by the local community, the Little Plant Library is accessible to anyone and encourages people to share the joy of growing plants.

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