Layers of adventure
Neda Vandchali & the multi-disciplinary team of Woollahra Council

Urban greening in a grey lane

Jamberoo Lane, once a leafy green street with tall canopy trees and a natural watercourse underneath, was stripped bare in 2017. This bold idea takes the opportunity to bring back the blue-green link and integrate it with layers of activity to educate the community of the original character of the laneway while providing an engaging experience for all.

The idea includes the naturalisation of parts of the Double Bay Creek; re-planting of canopy trees; active recreational activities including tree top walks, slides, zip line and climbing walls; and passive recreational infrastructure including grassed areas, street furniture, information signage and shading devices. All of these elements will be designed with energy efficiency and sustainable materials at the forefront. Public art will be integrated into the streetscape design, with solar-powered artwork that collects energy during the day and lights up in the evening to ensure safe night time access.

Ideally located in the Double Bay Town Centre, the space is easily accessible by foot, bicycle, bus or car, and attracts footfall from the surrounding community and visitors to key attractions including a library, cafes and shops. The lane also provides the opportunity for an improved connection between the Town Centre and the Double Bay beach.

With a range of activities to choose from, the space caters to children and adults, and people with special needs. By reintroducing nature to Jamberoo Lane, this idea serves as a local destination for the community.

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