Lane Gateways
Rebeca Grinspum, Zoya Kuptsova

To invite pedestrians to discover the hidden laneways of Sydney CBD.

Sydney famous Pitt St and George St are the spine of the CBD. They are stitched by laneways that create a pedestrian and vehicular grid in the city centre. Most of them are narrow and hidden alleys, seemingly lacking attractions but holding many possibilities.

The opportunity to reveal and reinforce them would support the CBD character and would also open doors for pedestrians to discover forgotten spaces. Moreover, small business could explore potential opportunities to lead people into the laneways. Activating these spaces would further enhance movement on after-work hours and weekends, when the streets of the CBD are usually empty, and and passersby are thirsty for places to explore and sightsee.

The idea of the lane gateways is to spark curiosity between the people walking by: “what is in there?”, “where is this leading me to?”. The two elegant rectangle boxes would work as a portal to the unknown, provoking a sense of excitement. Its materiality, golden and shiny brass, would light the dark passage and reflect the movement of the street in front, playing with optical illusions and inviting people to stop and check its interior.

The lane gateways would mark an entrance to a vibrant city, uncovering hidden spots and opening new spaces for pedestrians and opportunities.

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