Landscaped Awnings
Douglas Bennett

Bringing Australia’s unique flora into the heart of the city.

My proposal involves the use of landscaping on the many continuous awnings throughout the CBD. Lush foliage would cascade downwards and provide shade for outdoor dining on the footpath below. The incorporation of additional landscaping in outdoor areas would also naturally cool the streetscape and reduce the urban heat island effect.

The use of landscaped awnings could be used creatively to establish a narrative through the streets of the city. For example, landscaped awnings could use species that are native to Australia’s states and territories. Native species from around Australia could be brought into the heart of the CBD, putting the best of Australia’s unique biodiversity on display in its only global city.

Incorporating greenery into existing urban settings has significant benefits on mental health and public health more broadly. Sydney should seize on any opportunity it can to bring nature back into the city for the benefit of all its citizens. The provision of additional landscaping in the city will also further Sydney’s resilience to climate change, and contribute to its overall sustainability.

My idea focuses on improving existing public space in Sydney. By introducing life into these areas, a new appreciation for these spaces can be discovered.

This idea has the potential to transform the identity of existing public spaces within Sydney. The incorporation of landscaped awnings and use of native species will create interesting spectacles and engage the people.

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